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Mirai Souzou
Fuyo Lease
Tokyo Power Technology
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital
DraperNexus Ventures
Progress Technologies


HiBot rebirth, our Robot as a Service (RaaS) platform launch globally

HiBot announces investment from Innovations and Future Creation Inc. (Mirai Souzou), Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd, Takahata Precision, Tokyo Power Technology aiming at expanding the business of infrastructure maintenance at a global scale with robotics and AI.

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Press Relese

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28th May 2020
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16th April 2020
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26th March 2020

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Float Arm

Float Arm

Float Arm is HIBot’s new snake manipulator, designed for long-reach applications in confined spaces. With HiBot’s proprietary snake-motion control, it is able to navigate in complex environments and acquire detailed data for inspection and maintenance. Float Arm is lightweight, fast and highly portable, making it an ideal tool for integration with other systems already in operation in the field, or simply as a stand-alone inspection device.

Long Reach
Long Reach
Weight Compensation
Weight Compensation
Snake-Like Mobility
Snake-Like Mobility
Extended length5m
Number of links8
Possible sensorsHD camera, Thermal camera, UT probe, LIDAR


Pipe Inspection

Its unique traction concept allows it to move in complex geometries, such as consecutive bends in different directions, vertical pipes and weld beads. THESBOT-Dual can be used for visual inspection, as well as with RFT, UT probes and more.

Mobility in all directions
Mobility in all directions
IPX7 water resistance
IPX7 water resistance
Real-time inspection
Real-time inspection
Pipe size6"
Traction force245N
Tether50m (extendable to 100m)


HiBox Logo

HiBox - Smart MRO

Failure prediction is the key to efficiently assure the reliability of aging infrastructure and reduce downtime. HiBox seamlessly integrates HiBot’s Smart Tools in the field with autonomous navigation, data acquisition and management, real-time visualization of data, Al-based defect detection, and more. In addition, with HiBox, off-site specialists can access the inspection data remotely, and more complex and customizable machine learning algorithms can be used to identify patterns and compare data with previous inspections. This allows users to predict when certain failure modes may happen before they actually do. HiBox also keeps track of the system health, assuring that the smart tools will not fail on the site, and generates inspection reports automatically, saving weeks of work.

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Autonomous NavigationAutonomous Navigation
Inspection data comparisonInspection data comparison
Robot health monitoringRobot health monitoring
Autonomous generation of inspection reportsAutonomous generation of inspection reports
HiBot logo

Join our team, we are growing

We are looking for talented engineers to help us build the next generation robotics platform for the inspection and maintenance industries.

Story cover

Our story

HiBot was created at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2004 by Prof. Shigeo Hirose, Michele Guarnieri, Paulo Debenest and other members, in order to make some of the cutting-edge technology from the academic world available to industrial applications. Over the years, we have specialized in 3D applications: Dirty, Demanding, Demeaning. We strongly believe that robots should be used as tools for humans where it’s too dangerous, or simply impossible, for people to go. The applications may range from inspection of pipes to maintenance of underground infrastructure, predictive maintenance of bridges, works in nuclear power plants, search & rescue missions and more!

Establishment of HiBot at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Robot Award from the Japanese Ministry of Industry for Project Expliner.
Technology Pioneer recognition from the World Economic Forum.
CT-Arm successfully utilised inside Fukushima power plant reactor 1.

Meet the team

International from day one

Michele Guarnieri
Co-founder, CEO
Takumi Sato
Tomokuni Takayama
External board member
Yusuke Kato
Shigeo Hirose
Co-founder, chairman
Paulo Debenest
Co-founder, executive officer
(project management)
Hiroya Yamada
executive officer
(innovation and R&D)
Hidehiko Yonemura
executive officer
Satoshi Kitano
executive officer
(in-pipe solutions)
Tetsu Azegami
executive officer (sales)

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