Who We Are

image    HiBot was created at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2004 by Prof. Shigeo Hirose, Michele Guarnieri, Paulo Debenest and other members, in order to make some of the cutting-edge technology from the academic world available to industrial applications.
Over the years, we have specialized in 3D applications: Dirty, Demanding, Demeaning. We strongly believe that robots should be used as tools for humans where it’s too dangerous, or simply impossible, for people to go. The applications may range from inspection of pipes to maintenance of underground infrastructure, predictive maintenance of bridges, works in nuclear power plants, search & rescue missions and more!
What makes HiBot a unique place to work is our set of core values:
A mixture of Japanese precision and dedication, cutting-edge research, European design, innovative minds, Latin passion, a borderless fascination with creativity, and lots of fun - this is HiBot!
Here are some of the awards HiBot and its core members have received as proof of our commitment to the values above:
IEEE Robotics and Automation award for Innovation Leading to Production  IEEE 2017 Inaba Technical Award for Innovation Leading to Production
 World Economic Forum 2015 Technology Pioneer World Economic Forum 2015 selected Technology Pioneers 
 Rise Up Fest 2016 Award from Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Rise Up Festa Award from the Tokyo Mistubishi UFJ Bank 
 Tokyo Institute of Technology Kuramae Venture Award  Tokyo Institute of Technology - Kuramae Venture Award
 2010 Japan Ministry of Economy - Robot Award  Japan Ministry of Economy - 2010 Japan Robot Award
 IERA Award Finalist Nomination  Nomination as finalist for the IFR IERA AWARD