Soryu-4, a snake-like robot designed for urban search & rescue, was unveiled in Singapore as one of the new technologies of the newly created Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX).


The new agency was presented by Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore, in order to introduce new technologies to save lives and maintain public safety. It is composed of science and technology units from departments such as Police, Immigration and the Singapore Civil Defence Force.


Soryu-4 was developed as a cooperation between the Singapore Civil Defence Force and HiBot, a high-tech venture based in Tokyo specialized in robotics for inspection and hazardous applications. It takes advantage of HiBot’s well-established know-how on snake-like robots in order to operate in confined spaces.


Soryu-4 is composed of 3 articulated traction modules that allow it to move over uneven terrain, inside narrow spaces, and even climb high obstacles. Soryu-4 can carry and drop life detection sensors in the debris in order to detect chemical substances such as carbon dioxide and ammonia. In addition, Soryu-4 is also equipped with the capability to map its surroundings as it moves on the debris.


The Singapore Civil Defence Force is now conducting evaluation trials with Soryu-4, and plan to add speakers in order to communicate with survivors.


Video of Soryu-4’s demonstration:

(from The Straits Times)