Michele Guarnieri, CEO of HiBot, was bestowed the prestigious Galileo Galilei International Award for Science, offered by the Rotary Club and the University of Pisa. The ceremony was held on October 5th, 2019 in Pisa, Italy.


Often described as the Italian Nobel Prize, and regarded as one of the most important awards in Europe, the Galileo Galilei International Prize for Science was established in 1962, and aims at recognizing Italian scientists and technologists who have excelled in their fields.

http://www.premiogalilei.it/html/premi/scientifico.php (in Italian)


The Award Committee, composed of professors and professionals from all over the world, recognized Guarnieri’s groundbreaking and tireless efforts in front of HiBot with robotics for humanitarian and inspection applications.


“It is an unmeasurable honor to receive this Award”, mentioned Guarnieri, after the ceremony. “However, the merit is not only mine. The entire team at HiBot shares my view that we can change the world in a positive way with robotics, and they all deserve this recognition. I also dedicate this Award to my family in Italy and in Japan, who supported me through all the hardships that are so common in entrepreneurship.”

image  http://www.hibot.co.jp/site2017/uploads/uploadfiles/premio galilei 2019-3745_m.jpeg 

Award Secretary, Prof. Saverio Sani and Michele Guarnieri

Michele Guarnieri with the Rector of the University of Pisa, Prof. Paolo Maria Mancarella