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THESBot-Dual is a semi-autonomous robot for inspection of 6" pipes.

It is the ideal solution for heat exchangers and other complex pipes where there are consecutive bends in different directions.

Its unique traction concept allows THESBot-Dual to adapt to different geometries and obstacles, such as weld beads. It also provides a reliable method for robot extraction in case of emergency.

THESBot-Dual can be used with its RFT sensor to measure tube metal thickness, it can use its powerful front camera for visual inspection, and it can also be customized for insection with different sensors. For more details, please contact us by clicking the button below.

Pipe Size(s) 6"
Length 757 mm
Mass 6 kg
Traction force 245 N
Obstacles than may be overcome 1D elbow
  1D U-bend
  Consecutive bends in different directions
  vertical pipe
Type of sensing possible Optical
Emergency Release function