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Expliner© is a robot designed to perform inspection of live high-voltage transmission lines. Inspection of transmission lines is physically demanding, may affect the supply of electricity, and often puts inspectors at risk. Remote sensing techniques have been developed, such as helicopter-based cameras and more recently drones, but the level of detail is still limited.

With Expliner©, there is no need to stop the transmission of electricity. Since Expliner© moves along the transmission lines, it is able to place sensors directly over or around the lines, acquiring an unprecedented level of detail of the conductors. 

Expliner© is able to overcome obstacles such as cable spacers, dampers and even suspension towers,  while maintaining the operators in safety, and with no need to interrupt the transmission of electricity. With Expliner©, inspection of transmission lines becomes safer, more affordable, repeatable and more precise, paving the way for predictive maintenance and better asset management.

In order to accelerate the commercialization of Expliner© in Japan and abroad, HiBot signed an agreement with Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) and Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems Corporation (Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi High-Tech. From January 2014, Hitachi High-Tech and Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems started to build a framework for conducting development, manufacture and sales activities of the overhead transmission line inspection robot Expliner©.


■Sales Contact of the overhead transmission line inspection robot Expliner©:

Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems