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A new version of the rescue robot Soryu-4, Soryu-C was developed for inspection of underground pipelines that  can only be reached through narrow entrances. Soryu-C can pass through 4” (100mm) pipes, and then move over gravel, sand, mud or even underwater in unstructured environments.

Due to its articulated body, Soryu-C can adapt to irregular terrain, and even climb obstacles as high as 300mm. It is equipped with cameras for optical inspection and navigation, and a 150m-long tether. Soryu-C can be equipped with an inertial system for mapping underground structures, such as pipelines.

Dimensions 1720mm x 94.5mm x 19.5mm
Mass 10.5kg
Traction Force 49N
Speed 100mm/s
Environment Protection IP67
Tether Length 150m