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ACM-R5H is an amphibious snake-like robot. It is a much-improved version of the world's first snake-like robot, created by Prof. Hirose in 1972. By making use of the active-chord principle, it convincingly emulates the motion of a snake on ground or underwater. With its sealed body and 3-D motion capability, ACM-R5H can move over rough terrain, dive underwater and swim back to the water surface.

ACM-R5H can be customized with different sensors and mechanisms for buoyancy control.

Among the possible applications of ACM-R5H, are inspection of flooded confined spaces, surveillance of harbors and litoral areas, inspection of ship hulls, inspection of submerged pipes, and more. It is available also for demonstrations and exhibitions. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Module Dimensions 80mm (diam.) x 170mm (L)
Length 1.75m (9 modules) - may be customized
Mass 800g / module (7.95kg for 9 modues)
DoF 2 per module
Joint max. torque 9Nm
Joint max. speed 70deg/s
Battery Each module has 1 battery pack
Camera One in the head module, with wireless streaming option
Other sensors Customized upon request
Controller Wireless or tethered