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Float Arm is HiBot’s solution to inspection of confined spaces. Pressure vessel tanks and fuel tanks are only a few of the places where Float Arm can be used to replace humans in performing inspection and maintenance.

The advantages in terms of safety are clear, but Float Arm also outperforms humans because of its ability to enter narrow spaces and travel in cluttered spaces, making it possible to inspect areas that until now were virtually out of reach!

Float Arm is a self-balancing mechanism - which means it can be lighter and smaller than other manipulators, and requires less set-up time in the field. Float Arm can also be customized to carry different payloads, ranging from hi definition cameras to thermal imaging devices, laser scanners, UT probes, radiation sensors and much more.

Lentgh 5m (longer versions under development)
Speed up to 0.5m/s
Modularity Customizable with different end-effectors
Payload Variable between 3kg to 6kg according to the arm length and position of the end-effector
Sensors Full HD Cameras, UT, Phased array probes, thermal imaging devices, LiDAR, others
Dust proof protection IP67