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Soryu-4 is a robot developed for Urban Search & Rescue missions.

It consists of an articulated body made of 3 traction modules, which allows Soryu-4 to move inside narrow environments, but also to climb obstacles 3 times its own height, and to move over unstructured terrain with ease. The mobility of Soryu-4 makes it an ideal choice for outdoor applications, where ruggedness and reliability are as important as mobility.

Soryu-4 can be customized depending on the needs of the mission. The version shown here has standard and thermal cameras for navigation and inspection, and also a sensor release mechanism equipped with a pack of sensors used to look for survivors inside collapsed structures.

Main dimensions 1216mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 132mm (H)
Mass 11.9kg
Speed 37cm/s
Control range 60m (wire); 700m (wireless)
Possible sensors

CCD cameras
Thermal imaging cameras
Gas sensors
GPS positioning device
Life detection sensors