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THES-Lambda has been developed for inspection of 4" ~ 5" pipes.

The locomotion principle of THES-Lambda makes it possible for the robot to adjust its grip inside the pipe, and also to go completely flat in case of emergency removal.

THES-Lambda is able to select which way to go in a T-joint, and can automatically adapt its posture to 1D elbows and U-bends.

The payload of THES-Lambda may be customized, and can include modules for optical sensing, RFT and UT probes.

Pipe Size(s) 4" ~ 5"
Length 1305 mm
Mass 6.5 kg
Payload 260 N
Speed 100 mm/s
Obstacles than may be overcome 1D elbow
  1D U-bend
  vertical pipe
Type of sensing possible Optical
Emergency Release function