What is “venture-oriented”?

You will often see in our job descriptions that we require our members to be “venture-oriented”. Even though HiBot members are unique and have complementing skills, due to the multi-disciplinary nature of robotics, there are some features that are common to all. These are features that reflect HiBot’s culture:
Flexibility  3D printers
HiBot members are flexible. There may be the need to deal with an urgent task to support another team, or maybe a change in schedule due to unexpected results at a field test. The ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances is highly evaluated.
Pipe inspection robots  Practical Creativity
“Thinking outside of the box” is an over-used cliché in the tech industry. At HiBot, we encourage a more practical form of creativity, which is often connected to field experience. When creating solutions that still do not exist in the world, creativity plays an essential role, and it is much encouraged at HiBot. But it is also driven by practical guides.
Fun at work  
HiBot members feel passionate for what they do. More than an every-day job, we see work at HiBot as a way to improve our abilities, learn new skills and contribute to something much bigger! HiBot members tackle challenges not as harsh experiences, but as fun opportunities to grow together and make a difference!
 3D printers Making history
At HiBot we use technology to change the world. This may sound like an overstatement, but our approach to infrastructure inspection and maintenance does improve safety, reliability and efficiency! What we do may not appear in the news often, but it has a long-lasting impact on society. We think of it as supporting society from the back stage, and we want to play a key role in it.
Positive thinking  
HiBot members praise and encourage others. Criticism is always appreciated when done in a positive way. We are all growing, professionally and personally, and we want to make this process motivating and enlightening to all. This doesn’t mean we don’t complain - we do! But complaints are always followed by suggestions and new ideas.
  Growing environment
Due to the flexible nature of the work, HiBot members are sometimes asked to overview projects, and may need to use technical and management skills. Everyone has the opportunity to develop such skills. In fact, we can choose to develop business-oriented skills, or to focus on technical skills. Both paths are equally encouraged and offer the same level of satisfaction and reward.
All HiBot members take some sort of responsibility for the work we do. This will depend on each person and on the nature of the project, but responsibility-taking is in general appreciated and encouraged. We all have a problem-solving attitude, especially when something doesn’t go well. “Passing the bucket” is not an option at HiBot.
At HiBot, all members are stakeholders in different projects, and act proactively to reach a common goal. HiBot members do not wait for commands to move. Instead, we all exercise different degrees of leadership, by proposing ideas, coming up with plans, and adapting them to the project.