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Job Openings

Position:   Mechanical Engineer
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Must: -have experience with design of movable mechanisms
  -have experience with product development
  -be venture-minded
Should: -have experience with delivery of products to customers
  -have knowledge also on electronics and software
  -be able to manage projects, when required
Could:  -be able to communicate in English and Japanese
Position:   Electronics Engineer
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Must: -have experience with micro controller programming
  -have experience with analog and digital circuits
  -have experience with making PCBs
  -be venture-minded
Should: -be able to interface with suppliers
Could:  -be able to communicate in English and Japanese
Position:   Software Engineer
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Must:  -have experience with managed/unmanaged C++ programming
  -have experience with C# programming
  -have experience with docker technology
  -have experience with design of GUI
  -have experience with team work
  -be venture-minded
Should:  -have experience with database management
  -be able to develop in both Linux and Windows OS
  -have knowledge of versioning systems (GIT, SVN)
Could:  -Have experience with Java and Python programming
  -be able to communicate in English and Japanese