BridgeView is HiBot's new system for remote inspection of bridges. 

It consists of four winches, which cables are connected to an inspection base under the bridge. By controlling the length of the cables, it is possible to move the inspection base in three dimensions and scan the bottom side of the bridge.



With BridgeView, there is no need to stop the traffic on the bridge, since the winches are mounted on the sides of the bridge. In addition, long spans that cannot be accessed from the ground can be covered with the inspection base. The same applies to spans over water, where it would not be possible to have a stable base for booms or lifts. 



Another advantage of BridgeView is that it offers a way to collect data in a stable, repeatable and controllable manner. This data can be used to track the deterioration of cracks, and thus estimate the need for maintenance and repairs in a way that was not possible until now.