Tokyo, Japan– HiBot, a robotics startup famous for its snake-like robots used for infrastructure inspection, announced today a new organization. The new structure will be instrumental in leading HiBot through its last phase as a startup and accelerating the partnership stage.


“This is the last stretch for us as a startup. The next phase will see the consolidation of strategic global partnerships. It is going to be a very fast and exciting phase”, stated Michele Guarnieri, co-founder and newly appointed CEO. Guarnieri will be leading HiBot as it explores robotics applications especially in the aerospace and power industries. The new organization consists of:


  • Shigeo Hirose, Chairman
  • Michele Guarnieri, CEO
  • Takumi Sato, CFO
  • Kohei Harada, Executive Director
  • Yuichi Tomita, Corporate Auditor
  • Paulo Debenest, Executive Officer (Project Management)
  • Yuichi Hirose, Executive Officer (Project Management)
  • Hiroya Yamada, Executive Officer (Innovation, R&D)
  • Tetsu Azegami, Executive Officer (Sales)
  • Hidehiko Yonemura, Executive Officer (Productization)


HiBot’s mission is to change the way infrastructure is inspected and maintained. By using robotics technology, it aims to improve the safety and reliability of inspection works that are usually performed in hazardous environments. HiBot was created in 2004, and currently consists of 23 members.


HiBot Press Release-20190206-ENG