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    LPMS-B-HM STD (LPMS-B STD with Heave Motion)
    LPMS-B-HM STD (LPMS-B STD with Heave Motion)
    TITech M4 Controller
    HB-SHR06-001 cable
    HiBot ST-Link V2 Cable
    HB-SHR-SH2TinySet cable


The field of robotics is undergoing a true revolution in terms of technologies available and applications that become reality. The possibilities are endless! However, most of the cutting-edge technology remains confined in the academic field.


HiBot was created from the Tokyo Institute of Technology with Prof. Shigeo Hirose, a pioneer in the field of robotics with more than 40 years of experience in non-conventional locomotion and mechanisms, and other like-minded partners. For the past 10 years, HiBot has been able to develop some truly innovative solutions to real-world problems, while navigating the pitfalls that so often claim start-ups from Universities.


Now, after 10 years in this field, we can say with confidence that what sets HiBot apart from other similar companies is the ability to create and develop entirely new concepts, instead of simply improving ideas that already exist. This is only possible by combining decades of experience in robotics with creativity and simple, pure fun! 



But one thing that has not changed at all during these 10 first years of HiBot is our commitment to making a difference in the world, by creating tools and robots that make hazardous works safer, by replacing dangerous or repetitive works with higher-level, technology-related jobs, and by changing the way society sees and understands robots. All of this simply to make this world a better place!


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5-9-15 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,

Watanabe Corporation Building 4F

141-0001 JAPAN

Tel: +81-3-5791-7526 / Fax: +81-3-5791-7527












April 15th 2004









190.79 Miln JPY









CEO  Koshiro Nishiumi
CTO  Michele Guarnieri (Ph.D. (Eng.))
Chairman   Shigeo Hirose (Emeritus Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology)
CFO  Takashi Kato (M.B.A.)
Director  Kohei Harada (M.B.A.)










Shigeo Hirose (Emeritus Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Edwardo F. Fukushima (Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Technology)
Michele Guarnieri (Ph.D.(Eng.))
Paulo Debenest (Ph.D.(Eng.))
Naho Kitano (M.A.  Waseda University)
Kensuke Takita 










Conceptual design of machines with novel functions and development of related hardware/software Design and development of robots for hazardous operations Development of mechatronic components: AC-DC motor drives, modular built-in microcomputers, communications units Mechanisms with new mobility concepts





 Among the




Kansai Electric Power Company, Inc. J-Power Systems Corp. FUJI SECURITY SYSTEM Tokyo-SEIKi Co. Ltd.,.. The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Tokyo Institute of Technology Hiroshima University The University of Electro-Communications Tohoku University, Kyoto University, Tokyo University, etc..