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TKOT Crawler

TKOT Crawler is a versatile mobile platform equipped with two independent crawler belts, and on-board battery and plenty of space for sensor packs or other accessories. It can be used for research, but may also be applied to inspection, search & rescue missions, and more.

Dimensions 535mm (L) x 370mm (W) x 163mm (H)
Mass 10kg
Motors BLDC 40W (x2)
Electronics Basic model powered by TITech M4 Controller and 1BLDC Power module (x2)
Battery Lion 25V 8.9Ah 212Wh
Control wireless / tether
Protection IP64 (basic version)
Software source code available
Other completely customisable on request
Possible sensors

CCD cameras

Thermal imaging cameras


Gas sensors

GPS positioning devices

Life detection sensors