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Gryphon is a modified version of a commercially-available off-road buggy. Prepared for operations that require extra power and traction, it can carry a GPS unit, sensors and a manipulator for field works. Gryphon can also be used for operations on very steep slopes, in which one or more units function as anchors to a smaller machine.

Gryphon can be applied in several different tasks on uneven terrain, such as forestry works, terrain reconnaissance, remote surveillance, humanitarian demining and others.

Engine   660cc, 4-stroke
Fuel   gasoline
Dimensions   2.8m(L) x 1.15m (W) x 2.3m (H)
Mass   350kg
Time of operation   1.5 day with a full tank (average)
Range of tele-operation   700m
Reach   2.8m from base
Max. payload   20kg