HiBot M3 TITech Driver Ver.2

Price ¥ 99,000 Accademic price ¥ 79,200

A powerful motor drive for brush and brushless DC motors. Each channel can drive up to 50A. The new HiBot TITech Driver ver.2 is based on ARM Cortex STM32F105 and it offers more power in one single layer. Several peripherals offer the user the freedom to have enahnced motor control options, among the others the use of the USB in host and device mode, as well as several Digital I/O, Encoder port, CAN, SPI, I2C and much more.

CPU 72MHz  
Supply Voltage 12~48V  
CAN Port 1 Termination and/or internal node mode
I2C 2  
UART 1  
DI/O Up to 18 bits  
SPI 1  
USB Host and device  
A/D 5 channels 12-bit
Motor Output 1 50A Continous, 80A peak
BOARD_ID 1 Dip switch with 4 bits
Current Sensor 4 Per each phase and total current
Protections Fuse and Varistor  
Dimensions 85mmx50mmx13mm

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